home grown vegetable basket

Growing Your Own Food For Your Family’s Health

May 28, 2016

Meet John. John used to eat processed foods and other unhealthy things. He drank soda pop also. He was gigantic. He was one of those people you always hear about, those obese Americans. But not today. He turned his life around and today he weighs what a normal person should. He eats healthy, but he doesn’t spend the money you usually associate with healthy produce. How does he do it?

organic vegetable garden

A home vegetable garden. By Srl – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

He grows his own vegetables, that’s how. Now I know what you’re thinking. You think I can’t grow my own vegetables because I don’t have a garden. And I don’t have space for a garden. Well, neither does John.

What John does have is a little bit of extra space in his house, as many of us do. He converted that space into a little garden. It’s his own indoor gardening area. He outfitted it with some buckets and put some soil in them. Then he got himself some florescent grow lights to supplement the sunlight. He started the planting herbs and vegetables that are easy to grow and while it didn’t go as planned at first, he eventually got some pretty good yields.

And that’s the key. Many people who try gardening indoors don’t succeed right away. Actually, make that most people. It’s not easy and gardening takes a bit of practice, just like anything else. This is true whether gardening outdoors or indoors. You will make some mistakes and you will kill some plants. And even if your plants survive, that doesn’t mean they’re going to yield you the kind of fruits you want. You need to learn by doing.

And that’s what John did. He read articles you can find for free online and taught himself how to garden. He made those mistakes during the first few grow cycles, but once those were ironed out, he started seeing the fruits of his labor. Literally. His plans fruited and gave him the vegetables he wanted. He still supplemented them with food he bought at the store, but eventually he was growing enough that he could live off them entirely.

organic home grown tomatoes

Tomatoes grown indoors under grow lights

He even got to the point where he would sell some of his extra produce to his neighbors. Today, he has actually made back all of the money he put into his little garden, in terms of equipment costs and electricity costs to keep the lights running.

So what’s my point? My point is, be like John. If you find yourself eating crappy food, because you think you can’t afford to buy vegetables, just start buying those vegetables and save money elsewhere. Cut back on that coffee or the cigarettes or something. There’s always something you can cut out of your life to make room for something better.

home grown vegetable basket

Basket of vegetables grown in John’s indoor garden

Then put a little bit of money into setting up your garden. It doesn’t have to cost much to start. All the equipment can be had fairly cheaply and you quickly make your costs back in terms of savings from not having to buy anything from the store and you may make even more money by selling your excess produce. Everyone one loves home-grown tomatoes!

And you can make your own drinks too. Use your fruits and vegetables to make smoothies or brew tea leaves you have grown yourself in your own garden and brew them in your ceramic mug with infuser for the road. You can grow your own coffee as well.

More importantly, you and your family will be much healthier. Not only will you be healthier, you also save money and, maybe more importantly, you will enjoy fruits and herbs like you’ve never tasted before. Seriously, when you grow them yourself and eat them fresh from the vine, they taste so much better than they do when you buy them in the store.

Plus, you know exactly what’s on them. You know there are no pesticides or other harmful chemicals. You’ll be healthier and feel better all around. You will save money. You will even be the envy of your friends. And if you’re like John, you can earn even more money by teaching others to do what you’ve just done. You lost a few grows because you had to learn what to do, but now you can teach others so they don’t have to lose those first few grow cycles. And they pay you for your expertise. You make even more money. What you have to lose? Get started!