buying guide for best grow lights

Want to Buy the Best Grow Lights? You Need A Guide.

April 11, 2016

So you want to buy some grow lights for your brand-new indoor garden? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s really easy, right?

buying guide for best grow lights

Actually, it’s not that simple. It would seem like it’s no problem at all to simply browse the various grow lights for sale online and choose either the cheapest one or the biggest one or most powerful or whatever feature is most important to you, but it’s not.

The problem is that there are so many different options and most of them are actually not good ones. The sad truth is that most grow lights on the market, especially when it comes to LED grow lights, are not good at all.

I’ve heard from so many people who ended up with a really crappy plant light, and not only LED plant lights. They brought HPS light fixtures and fluorescent light fixtures that haven’t worked well either.

The problem is so many companies are selling the same cheap lights that are made in China and slapping different decals on them. They create their own brand and then charge more for the exact same light that you can buy on a Chinese website for much less.

So how do you know which lights are good and which ones are ripoffs?

What you need is a buying guide that helps you choose the best grow light. A guide like this would take you step-by-step through the various features of grow lights and help you choose the exact one that is perfect for your needs.

The one I linked to above, actually begins by asking a few simple questions to help you choose between fluorescent grow lights, HID grow lights and LED grow lights. Once you’ve made that decision you’re directed to a new page where you look at the features that matter the most to you and then are recommended an appropriate grow light.

There is no chance of you buying from some scammy company, either. I’ve talked to the owners of that website personally on the phone, to verify that they indeed fulfill the promise of only offering quality lights.

Their range of products is not huge yet, but the brands they do offer are all proven to grow marijuana as well as many other plants.

So whether you have your own indoor cannabis garden or you are growing your own vegetables and herbs indoors, the guide to helping you choose your own grow light that can find on that website is a great start.

From there, you would be guided to the LED grow light buying guide and the HID grow light buying guide, both of which go into much more detail.

Once you have worked your way through those guides, you have a much better idea of what light you need. In fact, you will most likely know the exact light you need and all you have to do is make a purchase.

Again, I want to reiterate just how important a guide like this really is. Even a website like Amazon, that offers a ton of grow lights, many of them good quality lights as well, also offers many lights that are just people who created their own brands and are importing some cheap crap from China.

How can you tell these apart from the quality ones? That’s the problem. It’s not always easy. Some of the quality lights are sold directly by the manufacturer and you can usually trust those.

Optic LED grow lights like the Optic 6, for example, sell on Amazon as do yield lab, with their range of HID grow lights. However, there are also scam artists selling very similar looking lights, that are almost identical, but that are much cheaper quality. You want to make sure not to buy one of these, which is why I generally recommend against buying high-quality grow lights on Amazon. The same goes for eBay or Home Depot or any of those stores.

Buy from a reputable site like grow light central or grow light harbor or the grow light superstore, or any similar sites. Grow light central is my favorite and their buying guide is by far the best. In fact, most sites don’t even have a buying guide and the ones that do are just a few lines that were written by a five-year-old Filipino kid. That’s of no use to you. You need a real guide to help you buy the right grow light.

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